Jeff  is really skilled at working with you within your budget and he knows materials that are high quality for a very reasonable price….  He saved me MANY hours of pouring through tile/cabinets/flooring by knowing what we were looking for. - LuAnn

He can not only design, he can execute.  He knows how things are constructed and how to talk to tradesmen and get the work done.  It is difficult to do any construction work in the busy Seattle market.  Jeff found the people to get the job done promptly, well and within budget. – Steve D.

His strengths are that he's an excellent listener, he's a stickler for details, he knows and understands both residential and multi-family construction, and he was very patient and professional at all times - a real joy to work with. – Robin

His expertise touched every room in the house. He helped us choose fans and light fixtures, window treatments, and door stops. – Erin

I'll cut to the chase: Jeff was the best part of my renovated kitchen project.... and I LOVE my renovated kitchen! – Laura

To design is also to improvise…. Presence is not all, of course; observing, engaging, communicating, and deciding with me and the workers also count. When I first came to New York, I interviewed half a dozen designers before settling on Jeff. Among my reasons for congratulating myself on this decision, I put first his being there many days to help me make hundreds of decisions large and small, providing relief with clarity and sometimes insight. – Steven G.

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